Life can be a process of ‘creation ’or ‘reaction’

Our lives are always a result of our thoughts about it. We have the ability to always be in the act of creating ourselves. So if you chose to hang on to your past you will be investing part of your creative life-force energy into it. You will therefore need more energy to create what you need in the Present moment. You will also be using your past history to create your future and will be destined to repeat the same patterns.

An Illness is First Created in the Mind

The cells of your body record every experience in your life as a result of your choices. If your mind constantly revisits these experiences you are taking energy from your body’s needs in the Present moment to keep itself healthy.

If this happens over a period of time, illnesses are created in the body and you become at “dis-ease” with yourself. Sound familiar?

Don’t Allow Your Past to Direct Your Present

It takes a huge amount of your psychic energy to hold your history in place and the more you invest in your Past, the more of your life force you give it.

Weight the more emotional psychic baggage you hang on to the longer you.

Wait for healing and creativity to occur and are more likely to experience ‘dis-ease’ of the mind/body.

There are 2 ways of Being:

  • Of living your life - from a fear base which brings resistance, anxiety, irritation, frustrations, anger, jealousy and more.
  • Or from a love base which brings acceptance, understanding, awareness, calmness, inner peace, happiness and love.

Which would you prefer?

You can feel out of focus for many reasons, nothing is too small or unimportant and you can change if you have the desire to.

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