About Me

I am an Intuitive Coach who takes an integrated and blended approach. I have many therapies at my fingertips including Coaching (quantum, systemic, spiritual), Humanistic NLP, Hypnotherapy, Conversational change work, Cognitive behavioural therapy, Mindfulness, Neuroplasticity to rewire the brain, Mindful Listening and working with Universal law and more, however, the most important thing is, that I will listen to you, without judgement, and work with whatever you bring to your session.

I believe that we can all change our life if we change our thoughts.

I worked for many years in operational people management in the corporate world before a significant change in my life, around ten years ago, led me to the world of self-employment, having also encountered many ‘bumps’ in the road of my personal life which have given me more empathy and understanding for your situation.