How can I help you?

My specialities include mindset change, stress reduction, anxiety management, self-esteem, and confidence, finding your purpose, resilience, and well-being.

Which may be a fit for you if:

  • You feel stuck or overwhelmed.
  • You feel that life has more to offer you.
  • You are feeling stressed or anxious.
  • You want more self-confidence.
  • Personal development is your thing.
  • You don’t feel heard.
  • You’ve given to others and left yourself behind.
  • You want to make changes – you don’t know what changes.
  • You have a goal and lack motivation.
  • You want clarity in your mind.

I hold the space for you to get out of your own way, to find your own answers.

How it all works

My Approach

  • Sessions are client led; what you talk about is down to you, you set the agenda.
  • I act as a mirror to you and reflect back what I hear to raise your awareness.
  • I support you to become aware of what is real and what is projection in your mind.
  • Sessions can be face to face, by telephone or Zoom, Teams, Skype.
  • All sessions are bespoke to you and a minimum of six, weekly or fortnightly, hour-long sessions are advised.
  • Most clients choose to have between six and ten sessions. Some, many more.
  • Experience has shown me that fortnightly or sometimes weekly sessions are best to get maximum benefit.
  • We will spend time during your first session talking and exploring what it is that you want to achieve or change in your life and we will revisit this as the sessions progress to ensure that you stay on track.
  • If you have the desire and the want to change, the action to commit, and a willingness to move forward, I can help you release self-doubt, raise your self-awareness, and help you overcome the fog in your mind and bring your life back into focus to allow you to experience yourself differently and connect back to who you really are. What would that mean to you? Why not contact me and find out more.

Change your thoughts; Change your Life

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