About Me

About Me

How did I begin my journey of re-membering who I really was? Simply put, through pain. I believe that pain is our biggest teacher in life and when it became too great for me, I decided to work out why I kept repeating the same patterns of behaviours and relationships and decided to find a different way of Being and living.

I have been honoured to have recieved the blessing of The Tao (The Tao Te Ching or literally translated The Application/Virtue of the Book of the Way)

I am a graduate of Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself (Activating Your Super Conscious) Levels 1 and 2 and I am a student of Psychology currently researching how we create our own reality as a result of our thoughts, and how the Mind -Body connection influences all our behaviour. I am a Humanistic NLP Practitioner and qualified in the Art and Science of Ericksonian Hypnotherapy.

I meditate daily to ensure I remain in the Present moment, which is the only moment we have, and I practise Kundalini yoga weekly. Re-membering who I really am and connecting back to myself has transformed my life completely, and I would like to help you to do the same.

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After spending many years in the corporate environment, giving my all to climb the ‘ladder’ - working with people, primarily in leadership and performance management and latterly in HR; the loss of my 4 babies, including twins; my partner of 19 years walking away whilst I was out at work, I was unable to continue the way I had been doing. I decided to take a different path to the one that I always thought was mapped out for me from my cultural and family beliefs.

I began to learn how I created my own reality with my thoughts and I analysed and reflected my repeating negative self talk. I learned about the mind-body connection and how the body is a total reflection of the mind and its thoughts. I researched and experienced 'projection' (internal dialogue/self-talk) and how our minds spend 90% of their time either in the past or the future. I learnt how we 'project' in our minds about almost every life situation and how this prevents us from speaking our truth, often even to ourselves. I began to understand how we learn most of our beliefs between the ages of 0 and 7, from those who are most influential in our lives, and how we are destined to play out those beliefs and patterns unconsciously, not realising that they are not ours, unless we make a conscious change.

I learnt how we enter into playing out the 'Drama Triangle' (Karpman) at a very early age in order to have our needs met and how we perpetuate this unconsciously as we grow older, until we learn to step out of the triangle. What a relief once I became conscious of this and stepped out! I also began to understand how our subconscious mind drives all our behaviours and “how to get out of my own way” and back into my senses.

What do I mean by this?

Well, I experienced the difference by making decisions by listening to my inner voice/higher self instead of making them with my head.

So why did I decide to change:

  • Life is about choices and you have the power of choice to create your life
  • Every thought you have creates a feeling/emotion which leads to a state of Being
  • Every choice (thought) and action has a consequence
  • Your body will record the consequence of your choices (thoughts) in its biology/cells

Most of us perceive our choices at a basic level such as choosing where to go. However, we are often unaware of them at a much deeper level whereby they create our attitudes, beliefs, judgements, resentments, how we see people etc.


You can feel out of focus for many reasons, nothing is too small or unimportant and you can change if you have the desire to.

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