Hello, I am Jenifer Lord, welcome to my site. If you are seeking more from your life > confidence, self-esteem, freedom of choice, acceptance, relaxation, laughter, fullfillment, sense of purpose, love....... you have come to the right place. I believe that we were born to enjoy life and to feel deeply satisfied in what we do - all our relationships and interactions, and yet we get lost in our minds - the 'fog' of life and the conditioning that life imposes on us.

I offer a lifestyle package that will give you the freedom to choose whatever it is that you desire for yourself and those closest to you. A healthy mind and body are the starting points for this journey. My aim is to enable you to see, hear and feel your own magnificence and so live the life you choose. I will guide you to bring your life back into focus by acting as a mirror to you, and help you to work out what is real in your mind and what is illusion or from your conditioning in life. Imagine living every day in complete alignment with Who You Really Are - what could you achieve?

We can work session by session if you choose however the greatest transformations are achieved by joining my exclusive programme. Read more on 'How To Feel Beautiful On The Inside' page or contact me now for a chat on 07977 765632 or email me Jenifer@jeniferlord.com

After our initial session you will leave with positive outcomes for how you want to be, a new awareness of what is holding you back, a renewed and invigorated sense of energy to focus on who you are and want you want in life. You will also leave with a feeling of lightness, ease and enjoyment as you anticipate the next steps in your life, and a real feeling that your life is starting to flow effortlessly as you let go of stress and worry.

Imagine a life where you have the self confidence to achieve whatever you want and life is filled with effortless ease and delight.  What would this mean to you? Who could you be? How could you be?

Imagine getting up every day and feeling the true wonder of that moment and what may lie ahead of you knowing fully that you will take it all in your stride and even better you may learn from it.

Imagine what life will be like now that you are free in your mind

So, if you...

  • Feel out of control/unfulfilled or dissatisfied
  • Feel disconnected from who you are
  • Spend most of your time doing things for others
  • Feel you are living behind a 'mask'
  • Are waiting to start your life
  • Need guidance through a period of change
  • Maybe taking on a new role/challenge
  • Know you can achieve more than you are

Then I am deeply committed to enabling you to find your way through. Contact me to find out if we could work together.